Friday, February 28, 2014

Gravitationally Questionable


So... I just went to see Gravity.  I wanted to catch it before the Oscars because I love seeing all the big Oscar pics.  I'd heard all manner of great things about this film.  People told me they were wowed.  I found myself... nonplussed.  I'm not going to do a full Fix-It Friday for this one because... well, I'm not gonna say it's beyond help, but... let's just say smarter folk than I have already debunked some of the major scientific wobbles.  (Neil DeGrasse Tyson also had a lovely list on Twitter entitled "Mysteries of #Gravity"). 

There are some movies that I feel are laws-of-physics optional.  Die Hard.  True Lies.  Basically the whole action genre.  But if you're making a drama about astronauts and you want me to feel all the feels, then you need a little believability, folks. Or at least a passing familiarity with the basic rules of physics.  

Like say if George Clooney has come to a stop (relatively speaking, as they are both still orbiting the earth), holding the other end of Sandra Bullock's tether, he is a body at rest.  A body at rest with no other forces acting on it will remain at rest. So in the absence of gravity, how is he "dragging" her?  And how, when he releases the line, still at rest, mind you, with zero relative momentum, does he then go catapulting with substantial velocity away from her? 

There were other unbelievable physical feats - satellite debris and orbits behaving in wildly unbelievable ways (but nice of them to be on a reliable ninety minute clock). Astronauts traversing distances that stretch the bounds of believability... you name it, but the basic lack of understanding regarding force and momentum was pretty damn egregious to me.  Especially when it results in the completely unnecessary death of one of the characters. 

Some aspects were beautifully detailed and they'd clearly done their homework, so why couldn't they catch some of these jaw-droppingly obvious errors?

If you're making Star Wars, okay, fine, I'll give you some leeway (maybe some dude is using the Force), but Gravity? Please. Get a freaking consultant. Hire Tom Hanks. He knows a ton about space.

Excuse me while I go watch Apollo 13.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's!

Happy Hearts and Flowers Day, boys and girls!  Will you guys be my Valentines?  I come bearing gifts.  Just because I love you, Super Trouble is FREE this weekend only.  Observe:

May all your days be filled with romance - of both the real life and fictional varieties.  Happy reading!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

And Now For Something Completely Different...

Because Bad Lip-Reading is awesome.  Game of Thrones is awesome.  And the combination is... just seriously random.


Monday, February 3, 2014

Time to Get In Trouble!

It's ALIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!  Super Trouble, the fourth Superlovin' superhero romance, is finally here!  Kim Carruthers, our intrepid reporter and perennial damsel in distress, is now a superheroine in her own right and supervillains of the world had better brace themselves because her brand of justice doesn't play by the usual rules.  Luckily Frost is there to keep her in check... mostly.  

To keep her out of trouble, he'll have to hold on tight.

Kim Carruthers is done being the damsel in distress, waiting for some superhero to save her. Now that she finally has super powers of her own, the bad guys had better watch out. It's payback time. Provided she can get past the sexy super determined to stop her quest for vengeance.

Unfortunately, the hero on her tail is none other than Frost Nightwing, the man even supers fear and the ex-lover whose icy touch always set her on fire. Tall, dark and deadly Frost is the one love she could never forget and the last person she wants to face… especially now that he's playing for keeps. 

Get Your Copy HERE. 

Kim has been one of my favorites ever since she appeared on the page back in Superlovin' and then again in Super Bad (as the erstwhile enamorata of Captain Justice).  And those who have been following the series may remember Frost as well, as Tandy (from Super Hot)'s brother.  I hope you guys enjoy seeing these two go head to head (not to mention other body parts...).

Happy reading!!! 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Warm Up

Hear ye, hear ye!  In honor of Super Trouble hitting the virtual shelves THIS TUESDAY (kermit flail!), SUPER HOT, the precursor in the Superlovin' series is free (yes, FREE!) for Kindle for a limited time.  Get it while it's hot - though it's always hot, and sexy, and full of superheroes, so maybe just get it while it's FREE.  CLICK HERE to nab your copy.

**UPDATE: Who has two thumbs and the number one psychics/superpowers romance on Amazon?  This girl!  Yeah, baby!  Super Hot is tearing it up today.  Get your copy now!**