Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Taming the Lion is Here!

It's time!  Taming the Lion is officially out in the world.  Hope you like it, shifter lovers!

If you pre-ordered a copy through Samhain's website, you may have noticed that they are updating the world and the website is now down.  Apparently this is going to be completed within the next day or two, but if you can't wait for your shifter fix, you can get your pre-ordered copy hand delivered by requesting it (with your pre-order number, if you have it) from customerservice@samhainpublishing.com.  If you wanted to order from the Samhain store, but haven't yet, the book will be on sale through them for an extra week after everything is up and running to accommodate for the release day radio-silence.  But it is currently on sale normally at all other retailers!  Like Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Happy release day, everyone! 

When she’s in heat, there’s no cooling down…
Wilderness guide and cougar-shifter Patricia “Patch” Fontaine has known the dangers of lone-shifter life since she was ten, when her parents mysteriously vanished. All grown up now, she thrives on her hard-won independence.
When rumors of a new rash of shifter abductions crop up, she’s forced to come home to the Lone Pine Pride for protection—right as the man she’s always secretly wanted is about to marry her best friend. And right as she’s going into heat.
Roman Jaeger values his role as Alpha heir apparent, but he isn’t thrilled about his arranged marriage to the Alpha’s daughter—especially when his bride is just as nonplussed as he is—but he’ll do his duty for the pride. Seeing Patch again challenges his noblest intentions. The wildness in her sets him on fire, and he can’t resist the chance for one last fling.
Both know a future together is impossible. But when chemistry and sowing wild oats grows into a need deeper than lust, their bond could threaten the very heart of the pride they both love.

Warning: This book contains a strong sexy Alpha-to-be, an independent cougar-shifter who knows her way around a lion’s heart, secret affairs, arranged marriages, politics, passion, and a pride full of lions and tigers and bears. Oh my.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Mutant Day on Snarky Mom's Blog (And a Giveaway!)


Taming the Lion releases TOMORROW (squeeeeee!!!!) and today I'm visiting the 30 Days of Snarktember Festival, celebrating Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Day (did you know there was such a thing?) and talking about the bonds between BFFs like the heroines of Jaguar's Kiss and Taming the Lion, Lila and Patch.  Come on by for your chance to WIN A COPY OF TAMING THE LION!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Countdown to Shifter Goodness!

4 Days until TAMING THE LION!!! Did you know there's a shiny new shape-shifter romance hitting the shelves on Tuesday? Anyone excited? Or is it just me? Patch and Roman's story, baby!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Entering the Golden Heart?

If you're thinking of entering the Golden Heart this year, why not enter a free contest to see if you can get your entry fee covered?  Swing on over to the Ruby site for details on how you can enter to win TODAY ONLY.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

One Week Until Taming the Lion Arrives!!!

ONE week to go and TAMING THE LION will be HERE!!! Patch and Roman are gonna scratch and claw their way to HEA in just SEVEN DAYS!!! So how's about one more Teaser Tuesday‬ to tempt?
Roman hadn’t been a monk, but he’d always been discrete in his affairs—he’d had to be as the perennial betrothed of the pride princess.
Somehow banging the maid of honor three months before the wedding didn’t strike him as the height of discretion.
Not that he had much likelihood of getting into Patch’s pants, given the way she’d been hissing and snarling at him. Though if cougars were anything like lionesses that could be foreplay.
F*ck. He did not need to be thinking of his fiancĂ©’s best friend in terms of foreplay.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Celebrate with the Rubies with Free Books!

Today the Rubies are celebrating their 5th Blog-o-versary - and that means prizes!  Prizes including an advanced copy of Taming the Lion.  Read it before it releases!  Just come on over and toast some cyber-mimosas at the Ruby blog to be entered to win beaucoup books.  Happy reading!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


It's Ruby Tuesday! What does that mean, you ask? Only that I'm over at the Ruby Blog being interrogated about everything from the first romance novel I ever read to my sign. Come learn all about my hidden depths.  (Supposing I have hidden depths.)

Aaaaaand... since it's only TWO weeks until TAMING THE LION, shall we have a little teaser taste today? Just a little one?

“I—” She didn’t know what she would have said. I have to go? I-need-you-take-me-now? I can’t ever see you again? I want to lick you like a lollipop and swallow you whole? Whatever it was, it didn’t matter. The words clogged in her throat and she gave up on pushing them past the shame.
She couldn’t meet his eyes. Didn’t want to know what color they were when they were drenched in need.
Taking a page out of Lila’s book, Patch ran.
Do not pass Go. Do not look back. Do not shift because the cat will say yes, no matter how badly she needs to say no. Patch ran.
Thank God he didn’t follow her. She didn’t know what she would have done if he’d tried to come after her. To chase her down. If he’d caught her…
Images crashed against one another in her brain, half-baked fantasies springing instantly to life. Roman catching her, those muscled arms sweeping her off her feet, taking her to the ground, his weight riding her down, hands stripping away her clothing, caressing, always just on that perfect borderline of too rough. So strong. So dominant. Leaving no question of whom she belonged to, body and soul.
Holy Hades.

Monday, September 15, 2014

A Fresh Fiction Two-Fer!

Taming the Lion got two--count them two--shiny new reviews from Fresh Fiction this week, talking about the upcoming shifter sizzle.  (Fifteen days! I'm counting!)  And they liked it! They really liked it!

Annetta Sweetko thought it was "an amazing, sizzling read that will hold you from the first page to the last" and "this fantastic, sexy and touching read will go into my read again pile and I can't wait to see what Ms. Andrews does next with the Pride."  (Read the full review here.)

While Shellie Surles said, "Vivi Andrews has created a great group of shifters in this series" and "You will enjoy TAMING THE LION, the characters, the plot and look forward to reading the rest of the Lone Pride Series."  Which I certainly hope is true!  :)  (Read the full review here.)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Taming Teasers - Three Weeks to Go!

TAMING THE LION comes in 3 Weeks! Are you excited? Want a taste?
Holy Hades. She’d kissed Roman. They’d almost done a lot more. If she hadn’t come to her senses, God only knew what they’d be doing now. What part of her he’d be nibbling on, caressing…
Not a helpful line of thinking, Patch.
She didn’t know what had triggered her freak-out—that scent, the horrible wrongness of it—but she was damn glad something had woken her up to what she was doing. Sure, she’d wanted to kiss Roman since she’d discovered boys, but he was Lila’s. She would never betray her best friend like that.
Except for the fact that she just had. Crap.
“Patch…” From the expression on Roman’s face, he was just as horrified by what they’d done as she was.
“The heat,” she blurted, insanely grateful for the excuse. It couldn’t have just been her wanting him like she wanted to keep breathing. Not if she ever wanted to be able to look her best friend’s husband in the eye. “It was just the heat. My bad. No hard feelings.”
He lowered his hands from his stick-em-up stance, shifting uncomfortably, and she realized he probably had some very hard feelings left over from their little bout of insanity.
Don’t look. Do. Not. Look.
She looked. And he was just as big as she’d felt. Just as deliciously hard. Oh, have mercy.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Little Lion Buzz

With the release of Taming the Lion approaching (less than four weeks!!!) the reviews are continuing to roll in.  Here are a couple more that arrived in my inbox recently!

From Me To You gave us 5 STARS!!! (Can I get a woohoo?)

"This novel reminded me of Ms. Andrews' Serengeti Shifters Series because of it's intensity and romantic swagger, which is why I think I liked it so much! [...] I can't wait to see where this series will go next!"

You can check out the full review here.

Aaaaaand Night Owl Reviews liked it too! 4 STARS, baby!

"Readers are in for a riveting shifter romance. [...] I can’t wait to see what happens next with this mixed shifter pride."

The full review is here

How sweet are they? I'm so psyched that people are digging into Lone Pine Pride with me.  THANK YOU!!!  The people who dish about books... y'all are my tribe.  I love you guys.  :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Taming Teaser!

T-minus 4 Weeks until TAMING THE LION releases! How about a little Teaser Tuesday‬ snippet of Patch and Roman's story, hm?

Here we go:

Bad idea. Worst idea ever. Epically atrocious idea.
She shouldn’t be here with him. Roman. Lila’s Roman. She should have run back to the Den at top speed. She should have stopped walking the second she realized he was following her. It should never have gotten to this point. The two of them. Alone. In the dark. With his strong, callused hand raised almost as if to cup her face, one lock of her hair caught around his finger. With his body so close to hers she could just lean a little and fall against all that delicious, rock hard strength. With his gaze locked on hers—Holy Hades, his eyes. No man should look at a woman like that unless she was beneath him and moaning. Which didn’t sound like a half bad place to be.
“Roman.” She was going to tell him no. Tell him to leave her alone. To walk away. Hell, she was going to walk away herself. She was. But then he lowered his head and her hands were suddenly, of their own volition, splayed on the glorious firmness of his chest, and she was kissing him.
Or she thought she was. It was so soft, so fleeting, so indescribably inadequate that it was hard to know for sure that she’d been properly kissed before he lifted his lips away from hers, and cool air washed away the fleeting sensation of warmth.
No. If this was it, if this was what she’d been waiting for and dreaming about for the last decade it was not going to end like that. A peck. A brush. A tease. Hell no.
A growl ripped out of Patch’s throat as she lurched up into his arms, nails raking into his hair, grasping his skull to hold him steady as she yanked his mouth to hers, their bodies colliding hard as she devoured his mouth.


Gotta appreciate the carpe diem in that girl.

Monday, September 1, 2014


I'll be visiting Snarky Mom Reads later this month to celebrate the release of Taming the Lion, but in the mean time don't miss the rest of the celebration!

Change your calendar… it’s SNARKTEMBER !!
Celebrate the fun… the quirky… and sometimes even the smexy… days of SNARKTEMBER! Be sure to visit SNARKY MOM READS each day of Snarktember to learn about the daily celebration, featuring guest posts from awesome authors! Each author will offer a giveaway and there will also be a HUGE giveaway with the grand prize of a Kindle, sponsored by amazing authors, publishers and bloggers – so don’t forget to enter the SNARKTEMBER Giveaway!