Thursday, February 28, 2013

Nouveau Punctuation

My editor and I discussed it and we've decided that in my fall release, Naughty Karma, all of Prometheus's dialogue should be read in the voice of Morgan Freeman. (Cuz OMIGOD can you just imagine Morgan Freeman talking dirty to you?  Yes, please.)  In order to remind readers to do this in their heads, College Humor has provided us with a handy-dandy set of new punctuation marks for just this sort of thing.  Voila.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Outside the Box?

My friend Sara Ramsey has a new Muses of Mayfair book out now (The Marquess Who Loved Me!  Regency Reunion Romance!) and today she's over at the Ruby blog talking about her next project and asking whether you like your books to fall inside the regular romance norms.  So do you?  Must all historical romances take place in Britain?  Must all heroes be bajillionaires with bulging biceps?  What say you?

And if you like a Regency reunion romance, here's a peek at Sara's latest:

A not-so-merry widow…

The widowed Marchioness of Folkestone is notorious for her parties, her art collection, and her utter disregard for the rules. But Ellie Claiborne knows her destruction is near. The new marquess is her first lover – the man whose sculpted body and sardonic grin haunt her every time she picks up her paintbrush. If he ever returns to claim his inheritance, her heart won’t survive seeing him again.

A man determined to destroy her…

Nicholas Claiborne hasn’t stepped foot in England since watching Ellie marry his cousin. He has no use for the gorgeous, heartless girl who betrayed him, or the title she abandoned him for. But when his business in India turns deadly, Nick must return to London to uncover a murderer – and take revenge on the woman he couldn’t force himself to forget.

A love they can’t escape…

Nick hates Ellie’s transformation from sweet debutante to jaded seductress. Ellie despises him for leaving her behind. Still, the sparks between them reignite the passion that should have been their destiny. As their demands of each other turn darker and a potential killer closes in, they must decide whether to guard the fragile remnants of their hearts — or find a way to fall in love all over again.

Now Available: Kindle :: Nook

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Award-Worthy Movies of 2013?

The Golden Globes have been awarded, the Oscar Noms are nominated - did your favorites get a nod?  Or get stiffed?

Every year, it seems like some of the most anticipated, talked about, and watched movies of the year get wholly ignored at the Academy Awards.  I can't seem to figure out from one year to the next what the Academy deems brilliant filmmaking.  Why Bridesmaids, Avatar and The Hangover, but no Hunger Games, Star Trek or Avengers?  Is it all politics? 

Why does what I would argue is one of the most cleverly written and executed films in years (Looper) get flat ignored for the writing awards?  Why can't a Bond girl who brings marvelous subtlety and nuance to a role that can easily be campy get recognized?  But we have no problem nominating child actors (a six year old?!) - when I think they should be in an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT CATEGORY rather than shafting Michael Caine by giving Haley Joel Osmet an award for being able to whisper spookily on cue.  So often it seem to be the role that is recognized rather than the performance (which should be a writing award, not an acting one) whereas the more difficult to play, more subtle roles get completely overlooked.  Mrg!  Okay, I'm done ranting.

What would your Best of 2013 list look like?

Here are some of MY favorites from 2013:

1) Argo
2) Looper
3) Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
4) Hunger Games
5) Skyfall
6) Zero Dark Thirty
7) Avengers8) Django Unchained

I also really enjoyed Man on a Ledge, Hysteria, and I'm dying to see Wreck-It Ralph. 

What movies did you love this year?  Do you think the Oscars truly represent the best in cinema?  Do you make an effort to see the Oscar nominated films or do you just shrug off the list and go about your life?

Friday, February 8, 2013

Let's Be Nerdy Together!

Today I was chatting with a friend who was unimpressed by Hawaii, unimpressed by popular film and television, and unimpressed by just about anything 'common.'  And you know what I found myself thinking?  What a snob.  And what a shame. 

It occurred to me (new theory!) that a snob is someone who is so caught up in looking clever and cultured that they can't let themselves enjoy the silly things.  While a NERD (oh, my beloved nerds!) is the kind of person who gets so caught up in their love of something (anything!) that they lose all concept of how that obsession looks to outsiders. 

My friend (the snob, poor soul) commented about planning to read one of my books and I found myself saying, "I don't think you'll like them."  Not because my books aren't likable, but because romance novels as a whole are not terribly snob-friendly.  We want you to fall into our pages and fall in love, not peer down your nose and wait to be impressed.  We are nerd fodder, darlings.  Delicious, marvelous, love us to pieces nerd fodder. 

The good news for my friend?  It is deliciously easy to stop being a snob.  You just fall in love with something.  Goofy, dopey, all-in, nerdy love.  And then you share that love. 

I'll start:  I love Dr. Who, Qdoba soft tacos, going to the movies, TV shows with people singing (Nashville is my crack!) and Nalini Singh.  What are you nerdy about?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Amateur Cassandras Wanted!

Today I'm over at the Ruby blog playing around with the annual Ruby Prophecy.  Come on by and deliver your predictions for 2013!

Friday, February 1, 2013

For the Love of a Good Book!

For the next two weeks, a posse of authors are banding together under the Bemis Promo banner to chat about books (ever wondered which books would make my top five list?), give away books (including a copy of Finder's Keeper!), and generally revel in our fellow booknerdyness. Come on by and play with us at For the Love of a Good Book!