Thursday, February 28, 2013

Nouveau Punctuation

My editor and I discussed it and we've decided that in my fall release, Naughty Karma, all of Prometheus's dialogue should be read in the voice of Morgan Freeman. (Cuz OMIGOD can you just imagine Morgan Freeman talking dirty to you?  Yes, please.)  In order to remind readers to do this in their heads, College Humor has provided us with a handy-dandy set of new punctuation marks for just this sort of thing.  Voila.


Vivant said...

Love the creative punctuation options! Along with the Morgan Freemark, my other personal favorites are the andorpersand and the superellipsis. I even have a sound for the superellipsis - it sounds like the cheesy "dun dun DUHNN" that emphasizes a shocking development in a B move soundtrack.

Thank you for adding to the soundtrack of my life :)

Vivi Andrews said...

LOL. I thought of the superellipsis as "wait for it... wait for it..." but the dun dun DUHNN is clearly better.

Kali Robaina said...

I need these on my computer.