Friday, February 8, 2013

Let's Be Nerdy Together!

Today I was chatting with a friend who was unimpressed by Hawaii, unimpressed by popular film and television, and unimpressed by just about anything 'common.'  And you know what I found myself thinking?  What a snob.  And what a shame. 

It occurred to me (new theory!) that a snob is someone who is so caught up in looking clever and cultured that they can't let themselves enjoy the silly things.  While a NERD (oh, my beloved nerds!) is the kind of person who gets so caught up in their love of something (anything!) that they lose all concept of how that obsession looks to outsiders. 

My friend (the snob, poor soul) commented about planning to read one of my books and I found myself saying, "I don't think you'll like them."  Not because my books aren't likable, but because romance novels as a whole are not terribly snob-friendly.  We want you to fall into our pages and fall in love, not peer down your nose and wait to be impressed.  We are nerd fodder, darlings.  Delicious, marvelous, love us to pieces nerd fodder. 

The good news for my friend?  It is deliciously easy to stop being a snob.  You just fall in love with something.  Goofy, dopey, all-in, nerdy love.  And then you share that love. 

I'll start:  I love Dr. Who, Qdoba soft tacos, going to the movies, TV shows with people singing (Nashville is my crack!) and Nalini Singh.  What are you nerdy about?


Kali Robaina said...

Doctor Who, White Tigers, Superheroes, Nalini Singh, The Tudor era, and books.

Oh and my husband just suggested I'm a little nerdy about Christmas music. He referenced the "Cardio Christmas" album I just purchased. Apparently it's not "cool" to want to run to Christmas music in February. But OMG Christmas music at 120+ bpm!!! Now if I could just get Google Music to share the album with my "Zombies, Run!" app I'd be a very ecstatic woman.

Speaking of...I know you like a good round of cardio. I highly suggest investing the couple of dollars for the app. It tells you a post-apocalyptic story while you do cardio. Any cardio...running walking... elliptical...and you can even choose to have a couple of Zombies chase you occasionally so you don't fall into a slow rut.

So I guess I'm also a bit nerdy about post apoc stories, zombies, and working out.

Vivi Andrews said...

Oooh! It's like an app version of the zombie runs they have in the Lower-48 where you run an obstacle course chased by zombies! That does sound brilliant. If zombies chased me, I wonder if I would run faster on the elliptical...

Kali Robaina said...

Exactly! I know I run faster on the elliptical when I hear the dang zombies. Luckily they give up after a minute or two and I can go back to a normal pace. And just when I start getting bored a new segment of the story comes on and starts talking to me.