Sunday, February 10, 2013

Award-Worthy Movies of 2013?

The Golden Globes have been awarded, the Oscar Noms are nominated - did your favorites get a nod?  Or get stiffed?

Every year, it seems like some of the most anticipated, talked about, and watched movies of the year get wholly ignored at the Academy Awards.  I can't seem to figure out from one year to the next what the Academy deems brilliant filmmaking.  Why Bridesmaids, Avatar and The Hangover, but no Hunger Games, Star Trek or Avengers?  Is it all politics? 

Why does what I would argue is one of the most cleverly written and executed films in years (Looper) get flat ignored for the writing awards?  Why can't a Bond girl who brings marvelous subtlety and nuance to a role that can easily be campy get recognized?  But we have no problem nominating child actors (a six year old?!) - when I think they should be in an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT CATEGORY rather than shafting Michael Caine by giving Haley Joel Osmet an award for being able to whisper spookily on cue.  So often it seem to be the role that is recognized rather than the performance (which should be a writing award, not an acting one) whereas the more difficult to play, more subtle roles get completely overlooked.  Mrg!  Okay, I'm done ranting.

What would your Best of 2013 list look like?

Here are some of MY favorites from 2013:

1) Argo
2) Looper
3) Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
4) Hunger Games
5) Skyfall
6) Zero Dark Thirty
7) Avengers8) Django Unchained

I also really enjoyed Man on a Ledge, Hysteria, and I'm dying to see Wreck-It Ralph. 

What movies did you love this year?  Do you think the Oscars truly represent the best in cinema?  Do you make an effort to see the Oscar nominated films or do you just shrug off the list and go about your life?

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