Friday, December 10, 2010

A Dubious Honor

On this week's list of things that amuse me more than they should: The Ghost Shrink was picked for a Top Ten List! Top Ten Worst Romance Novel Covers by "the Gloss"! (Not really sure what the gloss is - fashion magazine?)

Now, for those of you who are getting indignant on behalf of my awesome-sauce cover artist, fear not, the scribe of this particular top ten list does not appear to have a problem with fair Natalie. It's the title she objects to - and yes, let's be objective now, the title is ridiculous. But, um, it's kinda supposed to be. Cuz, um, it's a comedy and filled with silliness so shouldn't the title represent that? Aaaaaanyway, this is what Hannah Rose (what a pretty name!) had to say (with my comments in response):
Are you secretly addicted to romance novels?
Nope. Not secretly. Openly. Proudly. Waving my freak flag high.
If you are, you have to admit some of them can have pretty hilarious titles and covers (in addition to the actual stories).
Oh my gosh, hilarious? Thank you! I love it when readers tell me I made them laugh!
If you don’t read romance novels but love to make fun of them anyway, read on to see our picks for the top 10 worst romance novel covers of all time.
Huh. I can't really get behind making fun of something that lots of other people enjoy just because it's an easy target. Especially when you make no effort to see if your prejudice is warranted by, you know, reading one of them.
You’ll realize that the novel you’ve been working on forever has to get published, if a novel such as The Ghost Shrink, The Accidental Gigolo, and The Poltergeist Accountant can get published.
Well, sadly, she hasn't read it, because no one in their right mind would call TGSTAG&TPA a novel. It's a novella if you're feeling generous and a short story if not. But the good news is, I'm giving hope to aspiring writers everywhere! If I can get published with that dreck, so can you! That's a message I can get behind. You too can get published. Chase your dream! All you have to do is find an editor with a sense of humor and appreciation for the ridiculous and you're golden.

Honestly, I was hoping for more bite from my first Top Ten Worst list. This one was worth a giggle, but it didn't even sting. How'm I supposed to justify a good mope now? And here I had my lil heart set on a melodramatic laying on the floor and moaning in Italian pity-party.

Oh well. Next time.


Carly M. said...

You can moan in Italian?! Now that's a skill I want to learn. Plus you've given me my first Friday morning giggle. Thanks for keeping up your good humor, Vivi :)

Vivi Andrews said...

To properly moan in Italian, you need hand gestures - I strongly recommend draping the back of your hand across your brow as you curse the unfairness of the world.

And I have to say, it's a lot of fun, I highly recommend it. :) Glad I could giggle up your morning, Carly!

Moonsanity said...

I love the name of your book! I'll bet many people don't forget it:) Plus, I sense a person who perhaps doesn't have a sense of humor???? Some people really are serious to the point of not getting whimsy or silliness.

Ooooh, and not reading your book or at least doing enough research to know it's a novella seems a bit of a no-no for an interviewer.

memi said...
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