Saturday, October 8, 2011

Ghost Art!

Ghosts of Boyfriends Past, my ghosts and Valentine's curses novella (or perhaps we should call it a novella-plus since it's a bit on the long side) which'll be hitting the shelves this coming January now has a pretty face to show the world! Look, everyone, ART!

Angela Waters gave me this slice of pretty to show off. Isn't it deliciously curse-ish? I'm all aflutter.

What do you think? (And does anyone else want to steal that model's hair? Or is that just me?)


Vivant said...

Gorgeous cover. And yes, the model's hair is envy-worthy, but what I love most are the playful fonts.

Spam word = outfor
This won't be out for months and I want it NOW.

Jen B. said...

Yay! Love the cover. I think her hair looks like a lot of work. You can have it. So, is there more Karmic soon? I need my fix!

Vivi Andrews said...

Jen - This one is very similar in tone to the Karmics so hopefully it can satisfy at least part of your craving.

I'm just finishing up another Karmic now - it'll be heading to my editor next week so keep your fingers (toes... random appendages...) crossed that she loves it and we can get it a spot in next year's release schedule.