Monday, December 5, 2011

We Have SUPER Art!

Guess what I just got permission to share, boys and girls? We have Superhero cover art! The fabulous Xanaxa is the artistic genius behind this baby and she's given us DynaGirl in all her vampy (not in the vampire sense, but in the va-va-voom sense) glory. Oh my...

Without further ado, I give you... Superlovin'!


What do you think? A touch of you can save my day any time, big boy perhaps?

Coming this May along with shiny new superhero hotness from Jodi Redford and Kimberly Dean!


Vivant said...

Gorgeous! Love the pop of the glittery red belt buckle against the overall darkness. And who can resist a tall, dark hero in black leather and a beautiful superheroine in...not much?

Brenda Hyde said...

I LIKE it! It's really cool looking and yes, makes me think "va va va voom". LOL