Monday, July 2, 2012

Make My Life

Holy wow, y'all, this review just made my life.  Romance Junkies gave Superlovin' 4.5 Stars (which is excellent timing because the sequel Superbad hits digital shelves NEXT WEEK!!!!).  And guess what?  It's a rave!  I kinda wanna bear this reviewer's children.  I love the way he talks about the book.  Yes, it's entirely possible this review is better than the book itself, but just the fact that one person liked it enough to say the things they said makes me want to dance around the living room.  So please excuse me while I dance around the living room... 

"SUPERLOVIN' is an example of cross-genre romance at its best. For readers interested in a thrilling love story that explores how two people can fulfill each other in spite of all obstacles, I heartily recommend SUPERLOVIN'."

I'm taking that as a proposal.  Why yes, Mr. Reviewer, I will marry you. We can register at Barnes & Noble and honeymoon in a library.  You complete me. 

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