Thursday, August 1, 2013

Excerpt-a-ganza: Under Fire: The Admiral by Rita Henuber

Today we have another romantic suspense author, treating us with action and intensity.  Check out Rita Henuber's Under Fire: The Admiral!

Coast Guard Admiral Gemma Hendrickson has made a career out of flying in and out of dangerous situations, but in her free time she looks forward to more relaxing flights—running medical missions to Ecuador.
Dr. Ben Walsh is young, cocky, and very sexy. He also is determined to get up close with Gemma.
Together the two take off on what’s supposed to be a routine trip to a remote village when their plane is shot down off the coast and Gemma is forced to make an emergency landing.
Hiding in the jungles from a murderous drug cartel, Gemma is uses all her skills to get Ben home safely. However, it’s not the drug cartel she fears most, but her emotions and the attraction she feels to the young, sexy, and very talented doctor.


“Stay with me.” Gemma whispered.
Ben went still and the low guttural sound he made turned her insides to a raging fire.
“You're killing me.” He shook his head as his eyes searched her face. “You have no idea how much I want that. Want you.” His breath was coming in short bursts.
“Then stay.” Her own voice low and husky with desire.
“I promised you.” He shook his head. “I promised myself, we’d take it slow.” He blew out a breath between clenched teeth.
“What if... I don't want to take it slow?” She rubbed against him. Against the bulge in his jeans. He stepped back like he'd been burned.
“I don't want this to just be about sex. I want you to be sure this is what you want. We've had one day together. One day without car accidents, drug cartels shooting at us, plane crashes, tramping through a jungle. One day without Navy SEALs, and military types. Let's give it a couple more days. In a week I don't want to become a mistake you made.”
“No chance of that.” Her voice quivered.
“I have to leave.” His voice lacked conviction. “I have to make calls and go over patient records with the doctor who’s covering for me. Then, I need sleep.” He smiled. “I go in there,” he hitched his chin in the direction of her open door. “Neither of us will get any sleep for days.” Which was exactly what she wanted.
“If you’re trying to make me fall in love with you.” There, she’d said the L word. “It’s working.”
Ben closed his eyes for a long moment when he opened them they were misty. He turned his face into the hand she ran over the stubble on his jaw. “Tomorrow?” she asked brushing his lips with her finger. Thinking about what those lips could do to her.
“It's three am pretty lady. Already tomorrow.” He pressed against her. “Meet me at the café we just left tomorrow at two that will give me plenty of time.”
“Yes.” She barely got the word out before he delivered another long, slow, smoldering  kiss that turned into a hard desperate one with her arms locked around his neck and his leg jammed between her legs. Ben stepped back. They both groaned and gasped to fill oxygen-starved lungs. 
He licked his lips to taste her. “Tomorrow.” He choked out, turned and disappeared down the stairs.

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