Sunday, November 24, 2013

In Case You Were Wondering...

...where I've been for the last few weeks, I have news!  And if you weren't wondering... I still have news!  My news is not conditional.

I am, as friends of the blog know, a travel junkie.  I left my last "permanent" address four and a half years ago and I've been Temporary Vivi ever since, spending a few months here, a few months there and exploring this big ole world of ours.  Recently I did a Very Shocking Thing.  I signed a lease.  I know.  It shocked me too.  Now, I should point out that said lease is in a locale where sublets are wildly popular and the likelihood that I will still be here when said lease expires is slim-to-none, but still, the illusion of permanence is very strong (and scary).

Where am I?  New York.

I'm officially an Alaskan girl in The Big Apple. 

I'm thinking of it as My Season in Manhattan.  (This keeps me from panicking over the idea of staying in one place for too long.)  I'm enjoying the city (I've been here only three weeks and I've already seen five shows, six if you count improv) but I'm already twitching every time I think of all the places I'm not running away to at the drop of a hat. (Jordan! Machu Pichu! Bermuda!)

Currently taking bets on how long I last.  Wish me luck.

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