Friday, November 7, 2014

The Series Addiction

I've been rather delinquent with keeping up with the online world but I have two very good reasons for this. 

EXCUSE ONE:  I am writing!  A ton!  Book Five of Lone Pine Pride is flying off my fingers!  Huzzah!

EXCUSE TWO:  I am moving!  I'm going to be back on the road again.  Leaving the Big Apple and drifting like a leaf on the wind (FIREFLY!!!!!!!!!!!!) until I settle in my next semi-permanent locale.  I'm very excited by this turn of events, but it also means I have to do slightly necessary things like pack. 

But TODAY, I am not just packing.  I am also discussing my addiction to romance novels in series over at the Ruby Blog.  Are you a series or a stand alone sort?  What sort of series do you prefer?  Come tell me!

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