Tuesday, April 28, 2015

An Unbearable Teaser

It's T-minus three weeks until UNBEARABLE DESIRE, a novella of the Lone Pine Pride, hits ereaders. So how's about a first little peek inside?  Moira is about to meet the big bad bear...

The scent of shifter hit her as soon as she opened the door to the bar. And not just any shifter. Bear.
Moira suppressed a shiver of delight, scanning the rugged and only occasionally unwashed collection of men and women in the bar, trying to trace that scent. It wasn’t one she knew.
She’d been up here by herself. Nothing quite like summer in the northern wilds. For weeks on end the sun would forget to set and days would stretch into one another in an uninterrupted sprawl of light. Moira had tramped through the scrubby trees on four paws, wary of hunters but without the constraints of any sort of regular schedule. It was heaven being unfettered up here after the months apprenticing with the healer of the Black Lake wolf pack.
But even freedom got lonely. She’d been with the pack long enough to get used to the company of other sentient beings. So today Moira had taken her human form, pulled on clothes only slightly musty from being stashed in a cave, and headed down into the one-horse town that passed for civilization out here in the back of beyond.
Who was he?
Where was he?
It was distinctly a he. If she could have done it without being obvious, she would have tipped her face back and inhaled that rich, spicy scent, trailing it through the room until she found its owner.
Then the crowd shifted and she didn’t have to bother with a search.

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