Saturday, May 16, 2015

UNBEARABLE DESIRE is Almost Here!!!!!!!!!

As evidenced by the exclamation points, I might be a touch excited.

It's only a couple days until Unbearable Desire hits ereaders and I have a deluge of information.  Ready?  Set?  Let's do this.

1) Fresh Fiction reviewed UNBEARABLE DESIRE!  Twice!  You can check out their take on LPP#4 here and here.

2) Unbearable Desire is a continuation of the Lone Pine Pride series in bite-sized novella form, but if you are getting amped for the August release of TANGLING WITH THE TIGER (LPP#5 - full meal rather than appetizer sized) and if you are of a Reviewerly Persuasion, you can get it now on NetGalley.

3) I will be appearing on the Interwebz at various locations over the next couple weeks to chat about UD & all things LPP (and maybe give away a few books), so you can look for me at:

Come celebrate with me! And happy reading!

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