Saturday, June 27, 2015

Some Like It Super

If you haven't already checked out my superhero romance series, now is your chance to get a great deal (and I do love a deal!) on three of the novellas in the series. (If you liked the Karmic Consultants series or you love super hero stories half as much as I do, these novellas are for you.)

The super romances launched (or perhaps I should say "took flight") with Superlovin' (which I can't include for contract reasons) but now you can get Super Bad, Super Hot, and Super Trouble all in one box set!

Three superhero romance novellas in the world of Superlovin' by award-winning paranormal romance author Vivi Andrews...
SUPER BAD – Brainwashed by a super villain, Mirage only wants to get control of her psychic powers and get her sense of self back—but when the only man who can help her is the all-too-appealing hero Captain Justice, does she dare let another man into her head—and her heart—again?

SUPER HOT – Dr. Eric Eisenmann always wanted to be a superhero—until an experiment left him with uncontrollable fire-starting powers triggered by any strong emotion. Now his only hope for getting his new powers under control is Tandy Nightwing—the one non-super member of a hero dynasty and the one woman who fires up his dangerous emotions more than any other.

SUPER TROUBLE – Kim Carruthers has become famous for being the damsel in distress—but when a super villain’s experiment leaves her with telekinetic powers, it’s her turn to kick some villain ass for a change. Unfortunately the one man standing in her way is the super all others fear—Frost Nightwing. Super Enforcer. And the first man she ever loved… 

Happy reading! 

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