Friday, July 31, 2015

Lone Pine Pride Gettin' the Love

Hello, darlings! Did you know there's another Lone Pine Pride novel about to hit the shelves?  Did you know it's Grace and Dominec's story?  Did you know that a review I just heard tell of says "Tangling with the Tiger is adventurous, its sexy and just the right amount of dangerous to hook you in"?

No?  Well, then swing on over to Krissy's Bookshelf and take a looksie.    

Release week is only a couple short weeks away on August 18th!

And if you haven't already checked out Unbearable Desire, allow me to tempt you with this review which just popped into my inbox from Night Owl Romance Reviews, calling it "awesome; fun, frustrating, and exciting to read."

Thank you, Night Owl! 

You can still grab this little novella as you're waiting for the main course of Tiger.

Just sayin'. ;)

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