Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cuz I'm Awesome (and Modest Too!)

So I'm wandering through the aisles of Barnes & Noble and I happen to stumble upon a copy of the November Romantic Time Bookreviews Magazine. Okay, fine, I confess, I went there for the express purpose of "stumbling" across a copy of the mag. See, a little while back someone told me there was a kickass review for The Ghost Exterminator in there (TGE: in print Nov 2!), but being the superstitious person I am, I wasn't comfortable telling the world until I had seen it with my own little eyes.

So I dove (in a graceful and completely non-spastic manner) for the magazine and (not at all frantically) flipped through the pages until I hit upon the paranormal section. After being momentarily distracted by "Oooh, Nalini Singh has a new Psi/Changling book coming out!" I found my own name, my own title, and a mirage of a rating. 4.5 Stars! Whoa, mama!

Observe the Awesome:

"The characters in this book are beyond charming — not only is the romance hot and heavy, but the alternate storyline of trying to fit into a world that simply doesn’t believe in the “unbelievable” is extremely touching. The conversations between Jo and her immediate family are laugh-out-loud funny, and the steps that Jo goes through to help these lost souls find peace is highly entertaining."

Did you see that? Beyond charming... hot and heavy... extremely touching... laugh-out-loud funny... highly entertaining. I just melted into a puddle of joy. Such lovely, lovely words.

RT subscribers can check out this and beaucoup other reviews (including Nalini Singh's Top Pick this month) at their website, while mere non-subscribing mortals can find the mag at your local bookstore or online in a couple months when they roll into the archives.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go dance on the beach.

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