Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Early Word on the Naked Detective

The Naked Detective doesn't hit the digital shelves for another three weeks but we have our first review, ladies and gents! The Long & Short Reviews have given this Karmic Consultants novella 4.5 Stars! Check it out!

This is a fun adventure, and there are a couple of really interesting twists to the story that make this such a great reading experience. This is a terrific story for those who like the romantic “caper” stories, with just a light brush of danger and lots of sensuous heat thrown in.

Are you psyched, boys and girls? (Me, too!) With a 4.5 Star Review, The Naked Detective is up for Book of the Week at Long & Short Reviews, alongside many other excellent books. Go, check 'em out, see if you see a few to add to your TBR queue and vote for a favorite here:

And, in unrelated news, what are you doing for Halloween? Anything exciting? Anyone feeling daring and want to go as Ciara from The Naked Detective? Just strip nekkid and drag along your closest Federal Agent to be Nate.


Vivant said...

Congrats on the great review - can't wait for release day!

Sadly, it is too cold here to consider nekkid detectiveness as a Halloween costume, though the idea is quite entertaining.

Do they celebrate Halloween in Australia?

Vivi Andrews said...

Sadly there is no trick or treating, but some adults did dress up in costumes and go to Halloween parties here in Cairns on Saturday. They were a minority, but it was still fun to see a bit of the Halloween spirit.