Tuesday, October 2, 2012

You Can Fly, You Can Fly, You Can Fly!

My month long writing hermitage is drawing to a close and I can proudly announce that it has been a very successful one.  And how do we celebrate a successful writing retreat at Casa Andrews?  With a new an exciting adventure.  In this case: Trapeze!  That's right, boys and girls, I found a local flying trapeze school and took the leap - off the high platform, swinging through the air with the greatest of ease... or okay, it wasn't exactly ease my first time.  My knees were knocking and I was afraid my wimpy upper body strength wasn't going to be enough and I was going to plummet like a rock to the net because I was not made for circus tricks, but I didn't plummet!  I swooped and swung and flew (rather gracelessly, but hey, I flew)!  The teachers told me I did very well (and yes, I realize they probably tell that to everyone, but I swear they sounded really sincere)!

(Yes, I am wearing a superhero T-shirt.  Cuz that's how I fly, baby.)

If you ever have the opportunity (check out the schools in Boston, NYC, LA, Chicago & DC!) I highly recommend AT LEAST checking out their trial swing times when you can see if the trapeze bug is going to bite you.  I kind of want to round up a bunch of people and force them to do this with me on my next birthday. They are extremely safe so you never have to worry about falling and they are so amazingly good at coaching you through - I didn't quite get my backflip dismount, but I'm determined to go back and get a catch!  (Just as soon as I work up my muscles a little more.  I was sore the next day in places I don't know I've ever been sore before, but it was sooooo worth it.)

Trust me, guys, you GOTTA try this. 


Vivant said...

Wow. This has given me a new goal! Sounds wonderful!

Spamword: 39 icantze - there may be 39 "I can'ts" why I should not try this but all I need is 1 "I can"!

Vivi Andrews said...

You DEFINITELY can. :)