Wednesday, July 3, 2013


It's still three months until release day, but I was thrilled to discover this weekend that Naughty Karma is now available for pre-order from Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Order your copy today and in the middle of the night on October 8th the ebook elves will sneak onto your device of choice and leave you some Karmic goodies for your reading pleasure.  Let the countdown to Karma begin!!

Double crossing the devil is a dangerous business.

Nearly two decades ago, Prometheus sold his beating heart to a devil in exchange for epic power. That contract is about to expire—and so is he. There’s only one woman with the power to help him see his next birthday. And he’s willing to use every manipulation in his arsenal to pry that power from the ice queen’s grip.
Karma, who values order above all else, has had enough of the unscrupulous warlock’s pranks endangering her people. But when she confronts the wily trickster to demand a cease-fire, his terms throw her for a loop. The bastard wants her to save his life—and he wants her in his bed.

Clinging to her hard-won control is the only way Karma knows to keep her abilities from overwhelming her. If anyone can tempt her to embrace the chaos of her magic, it’s Prometheus.

One kiss brings her defenses crashing down. But can she trust Prometheus…or has she lost her own heart to a warlock with a hidden agenda?

Warning: This book contains scheming, manipulation, bargains-with-the-devil, and meddling consultants. All’s fair in love and magic.


Vivant said...

Yay! Can't wait. I LOVE the blurb and the warning. Can you use some Karmic magic to make time fly until the release day?

Also, great title for the blog post. Very Streetcar...

Vivi Andrews said...

If only I could manipulate time... *sigh*