Monday, July 8, 2013

Nerd Mobilization!

My fellow nerds (and non-nerds who happen to be visiting my blog - Hi, there!), today I was deeply excited to discover a call to mobilize for charity.  Yes, boys and girls, it's the Course for the Force.  A relay race with LIGHT SABERS that goes from Skywalker Ranch, through San Francisco, down the coast and all the way to end in ComiCon in San Diego.  I WOULD TOTALLY BE DOING THIS, because I am that kind of nerd, (even though my running would be slow and painful because I have defective knees and can really only run on ellipticals) except I'm going to be in China.  But next year... WHO'S WITH ME??? 


1 comment:

Kali Robaina said...

I would totally do this with you...if I could escape motherhood and run away to Nerd Heaven with you.