Monday, June 2, 2014

Early Jaguar Buzz

Only eight days until Jaguar's Kiss releases and of course the impatience is killing me, so when I saw notices of early reviews popping up in my inbox I simply had to share the early buzz with you, my darlings. 

Two different Fresh Fiction reviewers took a peek at Jaguar's Kiss.  Shellie Surles called it "an outstanding start to this series" (Full Review) and Annetta Sweetko says "JAGUAR'S KISS gives readers an intriguing and steamy look into the world of a pride" (Full Review).

RT Bookreviews said of it, "The forbidden romance between a heroine who is essentially a princess and a 'nobody' is one readers will root for." (Full Review)

And Hollie at Coffee Time awarded it 5 Cups, describing it as "an amazing new series, with lots of exciting possibilities leaving you bouncing in your seat" (Full Review).

I can't wait until you guys can decide for yourselves next week!  Why can't the days go faster?  If I had a TARDIS (time machine, for you non-Dr. Who addicts) I would probably just use it to jump forward and read the next book in all my favorite series.  Not sure if that would be abuse of time machine or the Best Possible Use Ever of time travel.  (I think the latter.)

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