Thursday, August 21, 2014

Some Early Word on Lion Lovin'

It's less than six weeks until Taming the Lion releases (Sept 30!!!) and we're starting to get some reviews a'tricklin' on in. Lookee what just tripped into my inbox!  Why it's a 5 Cups Review from Coffee Time Romance Reviews and More!  Woot!

You can read the full review HERE, but allow me to share my favorite part. 

"The second book in the series tells the other side of the pride's princess story, and shows Ms. Andrew's range of writing wizardry. Roman and Patch are a dynamic couple who fight together as hard as they love together. Taking the pride and the series forward, Roman and Patch are the perfect match for all the shifters in Lone Pine."

Did you hear that?  I'm a wizard!!!  (I imagine this said to me in a Hagrid voice.)  I'm going to start telling people who ask me what I do for a living that I'm a wizard.  Best job ever.

THANK YOU to the lovely folks at Coffee Time.  I'm so glad you are enjoying my Lone Pine beasties. 

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