Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hawk's Revenge - 3 Weeks and Counting!

T-minus 3 WEEKS until HAWK'S REVENGE Release Day! Can I get a woohoo? And how about a ‪#‎TeaserTuesday‬ peek inside when Rachel first sees Adrian?

She’d built up an image in her head of a knight in shining armor, glowing with goodness like some Arthurian legend.
When she had finally met him in person, he hadn’t looked at all like she’d expected. He was supposed to look so good. Honest and wholesome and pure. Like all the good deeds he’d done, all the lives he’d saved, would have shaped his face into soft, easily trustable lines. Her Galahad. But no, from the very first glance it was obvious he was dangerous. Hard. Chilling. His extraordinary yellow eyes harsh and unyielding.
In retrospect, it had been naïve of her to expect him to be anything else.
His face was all angles and edges. Every mannerism quick and sharp and purposeful, a predator in the guise of humanity. He was tall, with a lean narrow build and the slight hunch to his shoulders that some tall men developed to adapt to the shorter world around them. His hair was dark and cut short, in an almost military style, as if he’d never quite gotten away from his Special Forces background.
Her partner. Her counterpart on the outside. The man she’d secretly hoped would be so much more.
For all his fierceness, he had only ever been gentle with her—and with the dozens of shifters they had worked together to rescue. Firm. Commanding. But never cruel.
Cruelty was more the Organization’s forte.

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