Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Two Weeks Until HAWK'S REVENGE!

Only TWO WEEKS until HAWK'S REVENGE hits the shelves! Are you excited to go back to Lone Pine Pride? Adrian and Rachel may not know if they can trust one another, but the chemistry is still there...
There were certain defining moments in a person’s life, moments that gave you the opportunity to test your true nature and see if you were really the person you thought you were. In a crisis, would you save the day or be a lump of useless, shocky flesh? You never really knew until you were tested.
Rachel had often wondered if she would truly be able to sacrifice herself for others. Or if, when push came to shove, when it was the moment of truth, if she would give in to self-preservation and fight for her own survival instead.
Adrian caught her hand and met her eyes, and for a brief, flaring moment she thought she saw something in them. Something fierce. Something tender. Something that held the promise that perhaps she hadn’t killed everything between them with that sedative injected into his back.
He swore under his breath and wrapped one hand around her nape, the warm weight unbearably familiar. Then he was bending to take her mouth with a kiss that was dominant and demanding and seized absolute possession, reasserting his claim on her soul, as if there had ever been a doubt.
Another of those defining moments, that kiss. When she realized she was the kind of woman who would always melt for this man, even when the world was falling down around them.

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