Friday, August 21, 2015

How to Make Vivi's Release Week Perfect:

Step One:

Send me lovely Facebook notifications of sterling reviews for my precious babies:

"My visit with Lone Pine Pride, while over too soon, was a delightful and passionate way to spend my evening and I can't wait to visit these fascinating shifters again." -4 Stars, Literary Addicts. FULL REVIEW.

"Breathtaking paranormal romance [...] While I certainly do not want to be on Dominec's bad side, that is one tiger I wouldn't mind tangling with because he certainly captured my heart." -5 Stars, Literary Addicts. Full Review.

Step Two: 

Flood me with sweet tweets, including mentioning me in the same tweet as Kate Elliott and Chuck Wendig.  (Squee!)

Step Three:

Cake for every other meal!  (It was my birthday and I do not believe on holding back when it comes to cake.)  ;)

THANK YOU to everyone who celebrated with me, either in person or online.  I hope you continue to enjoy the Lone Pine Pride! 

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