Tuesday, August 25, 2009


The following is a recipe for soothing irritations, mild or major, effectiveness guaranteed!
  1. Turn on the television. Find the worst show currently playing. (I highly recommend ABC family on Monday nights.) Sit down and really wallow in the dreadful dialogue and melodramatic acting. If you are the kind who likes to MST3K things, then by all means, go for it! (Tonight at my house featured frequent exclamations of "You can just go to heck!" and "Win one for the Gipper!")
  2. Following the television watching, when you are primed for ridiculousness: crank up Pink's "So What" (or a similar rock song that throws your rrrowr in the face of the world who would thwart you) and bellow along as you dance around the living room. (This is particularly recommended if you have a large window in your well-lit living room and the neighbors can see you making a fool of yourself.)
  3. Collapse onto the floor in a graceless heap. Moan in anguish, English, Italian and any other languages you might know. But make sure your moaning is loud and emphatically melodramatic. (Flinging your hand across your brow as you moan is strongly encouraged.)

Are you laughing yet? There. See? Don't you feel better?

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Vivant said...

When I dance around like a dervish my two dogs try to figure out what the heck I am doing. Their attempts to join in (or maybe they're trying to stop me!) are guaranteed to make me laugh.