Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Loss of an Icon

I loved Dirty Dancing. I think I wore out our beta player watching that movie when I was a kid. I didn't understand the whole sex part of it (being only seven when it first came out in theatres), but I knew Jennifer Grey was the luckiest girl in the world cuz Patrick Swayze was hands down the coolest guy in the world.

A cowboy ballroom dancer. A man not afraid to shake his booty and still macho as the day is long. Point Break, Ghost... yeah, he could be a sympathetic action villain and then emote with the best of them, but Dirty Dancing was his movie. And it has become a cultural icon. Yeah, it's campy and I can't hear "Nobody puts Baby in a corner" without snickering like the seven year old I was when I first saw it, but I still love every delicious second of it. The dancing, the music, the melodrama. Love it, love it, love it.

You will be missed, Mr. Swayze.

And just to show that I'm not alone in calling myself a member of the Dirty Dancing generation... a wedding video:

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Vivant said...

Wow. That has to be one of the best first dance memories ever!