Sunday, September 12, 2010

Interview with Shifter Stud Michael Minor (and Linkage!)

Special thanks to those who pitched in with questions for the Michael Minor interview. And now, without further ado... I give you the blue-eyed Minor brother himself...

Welcome Michael! Moonsanity asked: If you could live anywhere in the world where would you choose to live? Does your lion have a different opinion, or are you pretty much together on this?

MM: I wouldn't want to live outside the pride. Sure, it'd be great to be able to travel, see the world, but with my condition, that isn't really an option. And I would never want to stay permanently somewhere I couldn't move freely between lion and man. My lion and I are definitely of one mind on that.

Kids- they tend to change our lives, and sex has to be planned out and much quieter after they are born. Any thoughts on this?

MM: I'm sure I'll miss the easy spontaneity when we have cubs, but having a family with Mara would be worth the sacrifices. Luckily, I can be a pretty creative guy when I need to be and I have a sister who lives a hundred yards away who loves to babysit.

Kaye Chambers said: Ah, Mr. Minor. Have a seat. Sell yourself. What are your top five qualities?

MM: *laughs* I don't who you've been talking to, but I'm not in the habit of selling myself. And I'm off the market. But if you want to put in a good word for me with Mara, I'm loyal, passionate, dependable - make sure you remember to tell her how dependable and stable I am. She loves that crap. Was that five? One more? Just remind her of the parking lot. She'll know what I mean.

Vivant wanted to know: What qualities would your ideal woman have, and why are those important to you?

MM: A good heart. A strong will to match mine. And the ability to accept me for what I am. I know pairing up with a guy who can't control his own shifting isn't exactly winning the romantic lottery, but I want to be with someone who doesn't fixate on the things I can't change and respects the ways I've improved myself in the ways I could.

What are your most and least favorite things about being a part of the Three Rocks Pride?

MM: Three Rocks is my family - but sharing a ranch with your family and a bunch of people who've known you your entire life can be a real pain in the ass. It's the best support system in the world - someone will always have your back - but privacy isn't really an effective concept among the pride and some people will always see you as the irresponsible kid you were, no matter what you do to prove you've grown up.

Tell us something about yourself that would surprise most people who know you.

MM: Most people are stunned to find out I'm literate. I read every damn thing I can get my hands on, and I can't get enough of philosophy and the classics.

Thank you, Michael!

For more with Michael, Mara, and the Three Rocks Pride, be sure to check out Serengeti Lightning, which is now (linkage excitement ahoy!) available for pre-order from the Kindle Store & Books on Board! Click now and it will be auto-delivered on Tuesday!


Moonsanity said...

Cool answers Michael! I can't wait to read the new book:)

Vivant said...

Great interview, Michael!

Thanks for giving us some additional insights into what you're all about. Mara is a lucky lady!