Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Mish Mash of Awesomeness!

This week has been awesomeness stacked on top of awesomeness. I almost don't want it to end! Here, boys and girls, in my beloved Bullet List format, is the Compendium of Awesome for the last couple days...
  • Serengeti Lightning is currently #4 on the MBaM Bestseller list! (And if you're really a list junkie like myself, you can click around the site and check out the category bestseller lists - like the uber-sexy shape-shifter list which includes all three Serengeti novellas!)
  • The Naked Detective is now available for pre-order at Amazon! Psychics! Public nudity! Stolen gems! Studly Feds! What more could you ask for in a rollicking ride of a novella? Click now and in the middle of the night on November 16th, the Kindle elves will sneak into your house and insert the Karmic Consultant-y goodness onto your digital bookshelf. Long live the Kindle elves!
  • And... we're keeping the original title for my December angels & demons release! So when I said to look for "a book by me" from Carina Press Dec 6th? Now I can officially command my reader-minions to seek out No Angel, the first story in a new world where angels and demons rub elbows with movie stars and politicians. And where Christmas morning takes on a whole new meaning...

Are you psyched? Cuz me? I'm psyched.

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Kate Diamond said...

Yes, I am psyched. Congrats to you!