Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mas Karma Coming at Ya

It's official! The i's are dotted, the t's crossed, and we have reached the gushy excitement portion of the proceedings. Yes, boys and girls, there's another Karmic Consultants book coming your way. (I know, finally, right? Feel free to pelt me with jelly beans for taking so long. Preferably Hawaiian Punch jelly beans.) (And before you ask, no, this isn't Karma's book. Hers is next after this one. Promise.)

Finder's Keeper is the classic story of the neuroscientist and the surfer-psychic. (I know, I know, we've all heard that one a thousand times.) We've got magic love lockets, meddling grandmothers, and cameos from our favorite Karmic Consultants. And when is this novel arriving on an e-reader near you, you may be asking? We don't have an official release date yet, but it's looking like November-ish. (Don't quote me.)

But in the mean time (why is time mean, huh? Why can't it be nice time? Or jovial time? Or sultry time?) we have Superheroes and Fairy Tales.

Observe: the Release Schedule!

May 1st - Superlovin' (Super #1)
June - Spinning Gold (Rumpelstiltskin revisited)
July - Super Bad (Super #2)
Fall - Super Hot (Super #3)
Nov (ish) - Finder's Keeper (Karmic #6)

And that's all she wrote. For now. More writing in the works...

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Vivant said...

Wow, you have such a dazzling array of awesome reads coming out...I can't wait!