Monday, April 30, 2012

Time to Get Super, Baby

It's that time, boys and girls.  Release week!  The moment has arrived.  The Super-ness is (almost) here!  Superlovin', Breaking Bad and Blade of Moonlight hit the digital shelves tomorrow for all you superhero-lovers to devour.  (Just in time for the Avengers!)

This release week, we'll have the original (deleted in edits) opening chapter of Superlovin' here at das Blog, as well as interviews over at the Rubies, Bookpushers, and more.  I'll do my usual chat and excerpt blitz at the Samhain Cafe tomorrow - all from the comfort of my little apartment in Cannes. Go ahead, be jealous, I'm okay with that.

And if you want something else to be jealous of, I get to see the Avengers early!  It's already released here in France and I get to go see the Version Anglais today!  Before anyone in the States!  (With French subtitles!  Bonus points if you pronounce it Le Uh-vaaawnj-ruh.)

I love the things you just trip across if you roll with things. Yesterday, as I was burning time before my train to Cannes, I stumbled across a series of Sunday markets then found this park, the sun came out (gasp!), and I followed my ears to this corner where a gypsy quartet was playing the most beautifully vibrant music.  And selling CDs.  I love that buskers have developed to the point of 2 CDs for 20 euros.  It's like the self-publishing of music.  Technology has made so many things possible. 
Let's all raise our bottle of 5 euro wine bought at the farmer's market on Rue du Richard Lenoir to the possibilities for musicians, writers, and artists like my aunt who sells her paintings on Facebook.  It's a badass world, y'all.  A badass world.

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Brenda Hyde said...

I am jealous...very much so! I'll be back tomorrow for release day. I can't wait:)