Monday, April 2, 2012

Superlovin' Review-A-Ganza!

It's T-minus 4 Weeks until the Superhero Hotness of Superlovin' hits the shelves and already the reviews are a'rollin' in, folks.

First up, we have 4.5 Stars from Sensual Reads (**WARNING: All reviews tip a bit toward spoilers, but this one is pretty up front about telling you the plot, so if you want to be surprised, you might wanna pass on that link.) Moral of the story? They liked it, y'all!

"This story has lots of super action plus tons of sexual tension between Darla and Lucien..."

*Bonus points for use of "super" - best adjective evah.*

And next up? Four stars from Night Owl Reviews! Lexile says, "Superlovin' lived up to my expectations for an Andrews romance" and "has me itching to read the others."

Now, by "the others" she's referring to the other Midnight Justice stories - Breaking Bad by Jodi Redford & Blade of Moonlight by Kimberly Dean - which are also releasing May 1st! (Get the whole set!)

But, if that still doesn't satisfy and you just can't get enough superheroes, you're in luck! There are more stories in the Superlovin universe to come from yours truly. Starting with Super Bad this summer, then Super Hot in the fall and Super Trouble next spring. I just can't get enough superhero romance. It's a small miracle I don't wear a cape and mask every day. To the grocery store... to the bank... or wait. Probably not to the bank. They frown on masked people asking for their money. Maybe just the cape...

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