Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Afterlife of Awesome Books

Do you love books? Are you looking for the perfect unique gift for a booklover in your life? Ever wonder what happens to books after they die? Then check out Book Zombies, y'all! A friend of mine makes these gorgeous purses and other accessories out of old loved-to-death-and-back books. Her craftiness and the cleverness of this awe me. (And if ever I'm giving away a custom item, like the sexy custom comic-book Kindle Cover in the Novak Auction, be glad I'm not the one who made it. She is.)

So yeah, undead books. Cuz undead is sexy. And so are these purses.

Book nerds, unite!

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Kali Robaina said...

Oh such love!! Thanks, Vivi, you RAWK.