Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Hodge-Podge of Book News

And speaking of things that appeared in my email while I was away...

We have reviews!  Francesca at Under the Covers was unimpressed by Superlovin' (aww, sad panda) and the lovely folks at You Gotta Read Reviews have declared you gotta read No Angel & the Winter Wishes stories - which is especially fun because I am fickle and forget about the older books but when an old one gets a new review it always feels like it's been resurrected and I remember that books that are in the past for me are still very much in the present and future for many others. 

It's like time travel.  By the time anyone sees them, they are already past for me, but they are always future for someone.  I love that.  It's good to be reminded of it.

AND, if you're into super heroes (which I hope you are), Superlovin' was featured among MUCH BADASSNESS at RT this month in a rundown of superhero romances on the shelves to feed your Avengers/Superman/Spiderman/Batman-loving selves. 

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