Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Get Ready to Get Super!!!

Gosh, is it almost February?  Well, you know what happens in February?  Other than the Super Bowl... and the Olympics... and Fur Rendezvous (Alaskan shout-out)... that's right, boys and girls, it's time for a new installment of superhero lovin' - Super Trouble comes out in less than a week!!!!  

To keep her out of trouble, he'll have to hold on tight.
Kim Carruthers is done being the damsel in distress, waiting for some superhero to save her. Now that she finally has super powers of her own, the bad guys had better watch out. It's payback time. Provided she can get past the sexy super determined to stop her quest for vengeance.
Unfortunately, the hero on her tail is none other than Frost Nightwing, the man even supers fear and the ex-lover whose icy touch always set her on fire. Tall, dark and deadly Frost is the one love she could never forget and the last person she wants to face… especially now that he's playing for keeps.

As a little teaser snippet, here's part of the scene that inspired (loosely) the cover.  Take a peek... Kim is hopped up on her new powers and feeling all vengeful as she confronts an ex-nemesis...


“You know what I used to think?” she asked conversationally, as if her companion wasn’t about to blow chunks all over the bar in a fear reflex. “I used to think there was some kind of super villain club and bagging me was the price of admission. Funny, right?”

Vic tried to laugh. It didn’t work out for him. He sounded like someone was trying to gag a donkey.

“But lately I’ve realized I was making things too complicated. No clubs. No initiation rituals. Just one guy paying a bunch of you idiots to do his dirty work for him.” Kim clapped Vic on the shoulder and he eeped, shrinking down beneath her hand. “I’m betting he never even told you why it had to be me. But he rewarded you for a job well done, didn’t he?” She smiled, showing all her teeth. “Nice watch, Vic.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“What’s his name?”

“Whose name?” Vic squeaked, feigning ignorance that would have been much more convincing if he hadn’t looked like he was about to wet himself.

Kim heaved a dramatic sigh. “Let the record show that I asked nicely first.”

“First?” he yelped.

She palmed the revolver, pulling it smoothly out of the holster—and taking a distinct satisfaction in drawing like a gunslinger in the middle of a bar called The Hole in the Wall. Nothing like a little atmosphere to really make a moment come together.

Smiling sweetly, she aimed the barrel at the center of Vic’s chest. He went from green to chalk white in a heartbeat.

“What do you say, buddy? Are you faster than a speeding bullet? Wanna test it?”


Coming February 4th!!!  Can I get a woohoo?