Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Gosh, Is It Cold?

Here's the thing.  I'm Alaskan.  Cold?  That's part of winter.  If you let snow and low temperatures stop you from living your life in Alaska, you better stock up in September because you're going to be a hermit for half the year.  When it's cold and/or snowy up north, we just deal with it.  This is the attitude I was raised around, so when the Lower-48 has super cold temperatures and everyone I know wants to complain to me about how their world has come to a screeching halt because OH MY GOD WINTER IS COLD, WTFBBQ?!?!?!  Yeah, I'll admit I just hear white noise.  I try to smile and nod and be understanding, especially if you live south of the Mason Dixon, because you probably don't get winter weather every year - but if you live in New York where it snows every single year, people, then maybe white stuff falling from the sky isn't worthy of muppet-flail level of panic, hmm?

I think this is one way in which I will always be distinctly Alaskan.  You can keep your East Coast Weather Panic.  I'm just gonna buy some anti-freeze, put on an extra scarf and go on with my life.

**Update: 15 seconds after I posted this, I was told "Weather this cold should be illegal!"  I just stared.  It's all anyone can talk about.  White noise.  So much white noise.**


Leah Braemel said...

LOL that's pretty much been my response so far -- I mean, it's winter and I live in Canada. What do people expect?

Of course that won't stop me complaining from the pipe that burst and flooded my house on Saturday. Best of the cold though? It gives me a legit excuse to hide away in my office. ;)

Vivi Andrews said...

Ugh! Sorry about your burst pipes! Very complaint-worthy. And yeah, take any excuse to hole up and write. :)