Friday, May 22, 2009

Bigger is Better?

Have you heard about the new Kindle DX e-reader? I have to admit, this techno-advancement kind of puzzles me.

Seriously, who looks at a Kindle and thinks, "Darn, it's just too small and convenient for me. I want something bulky. Something that will never fit in a purse. Something nearly as big as my laptop that costs $130 more."

Well, whoever that person is, the Kindle DX is perfect for them. For everyone else... I don't really see the benefit. 9.7 inches tall. Huh. Maybe it will take off. Perhaps bigger really is better and I am just pitifully short-sighted.

Time will tell. And in the meantime... here's a nice satire on the convenience of this bigger, more expensive Kindle.

Kindle 9XXXD

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