Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Favorite Things: Hawaiian Style

  1. Rainy afternoons on my grandma's lanai with a book.
  2. Going to the grocery store in flip-flops and a soggy T-shirt with my hair still dripping from the ocean.
  3. Hot malasadas, char-su manipua, kalbi, crispy gau gee, pork hash, and tsashimi so fresh it practically wriggles. Yum. I eat my way through this island.
  4. Listening to tourists try to pronounce the street names. Kapi'olani. Kalanianaole. Ke'eaumoku. Auwaiolimu.
  5. Walking on Kailua Beach for miles and miles and miles. Dude, that beach seems to stretch from here to forever... and the kite-surfers are always such fun to watch.
  6. Hanging out with my big ole Hawaiian family.

Least Favorite Things: Hawaiian Style

  1. Termites.
  2. Cockroaches.
  3. Carpenter Bees the size of my thumb.
  4. Sugar Ants that get into everything.
  5. Ginormous moths the size of my fist (not exaggerating) that are too stupid to fly toward the light like moths of average IQ and instead feel the need to throw themselves against the walls and ceiling of my room for hours on end every night. Too Dumb To Live Moths should do me a favor and commit suicide in someone else's bedroom.

So, yeah. Bugs. Ew. Geckos, however, quite awesome.


Vivant said...

Waiting after you turn on the kitchen light at night until the two-inch cockroaches scurry into hiding is a bit creepy. But oh yeah, love the geckos. A gecko used to live in our sink, so we had to be careful not to drown it!

Some more favorite Hawaiian things? Pikake leis, haupia cake, lichee nuts, and sitting on the lanai railing watching the lights come on over Manoa valley at twilight.

Kate Diamond said...

I read "tsashimi so fresh it practically wriggles" and thought, "Yum, indeed."

I think I'd weigh about 100 more pounds if I lived there.