Friday, May 1, 2009

Pendulum Girl

I love the unfettered life, but I've found the act of removing the fetters can be somewhat stressful. I'm in the process of moving. This process is made slightly more complicated by the fact that I'm not entirely certain where I am moving to. I know I'm going walkabout for a while and at some point I will settle down in some other apartment (possibly in some other city?) and at that time I will want the items which are now happily taking up residence in my storage locker. (At least, I hope my items are happy. I'm happy to have them there, so that's a start.)

For the last couple weeks, since my rather abrupt decision to unfetter, I've been swinging wildly back and forth between being overly confident that I will easily complete all necessary moving tasks with oodles of time to spare and being a neurotic wreck, convinced that I will never wade through the mountain of moving tasks before me. Swing, pendulum girl, swing!

I am now something less than eighteen hours away from turning in the keys to my place and being homeless. I am also (gulp!) temporarily jobless, as I've decided to take a hiatus from the workforce for a couple months. Yeah, it's a risk with the job market being all wonky, but too much time is wasted in life in an attempt to do the safe thing.

So I'm sitting here, midnight-oh-one May Day, looking around my furniture-free apartment at the scattered objects that haven't made it into storage yet: a beribboned bottle of champagne from my first release day, a stuffed hamster that sings "Kung Fu Fighting" and wildly swings nunchaku when you squeeze his paw, my Seattle Mariners hat... and pennant... and bandanna... and duffel bag (the team shirts and the knit cap are already packed), books of logic puzzles stacked next to the current editing draft of my GH manuscript, and a little green frog prince ornament, holding a heart and asking for a kiss. It's funny the items that wedge their way into our lives. Even the unfettered life.

What about you? What random memorabilia would you never be able to leave behind?

And Happy May Day! Go nuts! It's May!

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Anonymous said...

I haven't moved in nearly 15 years. I'm not looking forward to ever moving. I wonder if I could stay right where I am for the rest of my life. My husband says NO. But I have too much "stuff", most of which I can't part with. He has very little "stuff" except tools and gadgets. My plan is to get a 2nd house and start filling it with more "stuff".