Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Genre Jumping... like, you know, Bungee Jumping

Have you ever jumped off a bridge with a rubber band strapped to your ankles? I haven't. I have, however, jumped off a cliff into the ocean. Cliff-diving, sky-diving, bungee-jumping, base-jumping - sounds like fun, yeah? I'll admit I'm a little bit of an adrenaline junkie. I thrive on new experiences.

Luckily, I can satisfy my urge to leap off of high places without that awkward "going splatt" part of the equation. I call it genre-jumping.

This month I'm featured at the website of the fabulous Kaye Chambers, talking about my inability to commit to anything and the adventure of genre-jumping. Check it out.

And answer me this: are you a jumper?

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Vivant said...

I'm definitely a jumper. I genre-jump in my reading, sometimes in binges and sometimes all over the board. I love thrill rides, and the idea of skydiving, bungee jumping or anything else of that nature sounds highly entertaining. I love trying new things and am firmly convinced that you're only old if you lose your childlike sense of wonder and joy. Jump? Sure thing!