Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Amazon, Meet Irony

Amazon continues to crack me up. On the Yay! side of the spectrum, they are now carrying The Ghost Shrink. (After only four months! Woot!) But on the WTF? side of the spectrum...

For those of you not inclined to click links, here's the gist. Amazon realized it had some not-so-legal copies of 1984 (and Animal Farm, but really 1984 is the funny one) up for grabs on le Kindle. So what do they do? They access all of the Kindles with those books on them, remove those books, leave a credit in the customer's account for the purchase cost of the books, and vanish like Kaiser Soze - or rather, not like Kaiser Soze since he actually left a story behind him, whereas Amazon didn't even leave a note. Stealth! Worst break-up technique ever!

But the best part? 1984? Big Brother? I'm sorry, is anyone else just dying here? Cuz that's funny. That is seriously funny.


Vivant said...

This is horribly in both horrifying and hysterically funny. How thoughtful of Amazon to pull such an abysmally stupid move on a classic work that would create such fabulous irony. They deserve an award for extreme corporate stupidity on this one.

Vivi Andrews said...

It kinda makes me wonder if someone at Amazon just has a really wicked sense of humor. Ya think?