Saturday, July 25, 2009

It's a Flood! Where's my fricking Arc?

Do you ever feel like you have too many ideas? Like you could not possibly write all the books inside your head in one lifetime? Like each book that you need to write is trapped inside your head, clamoring to get out, if only you had the time to write it? Yep. That's me today. A few dozen unwritten novels are banging around in my head, fighting for dominance. It's getting downright rowdy in there.

Yesterday, I was out with my aunt. (For those of you keeping track of the travels, I've left DC, am back in Ohio for a couple days before going to either Boston or Chicago. No word yet on which.) We were chatting over steak fries and for some reason I started listing all the books I want to work on. Then I got home and wrote them down. I was thinking (foolish, foolish Vivi) that if I got them all on paper, it would seem more manageable.

My advice, if you are considering writing a list of all your story ideas to make them seem manageable, DO NOT DO THIS. The list scares the bejeezus out of me. It's so freaking long. How am I going to write all those books? Even after I knocked off all the ones that didn't fit into either the paranormal or contemp genres, I still had over thirty. Thirty!

I know this is a better complaint to have than the fear that I might someday run dry, run out of inspiration, but right now I feel like I'm drowning under a flood of ideas that need to be written. It feels like it will take me an age to do them all. If I can even do them justice.

There are some great ideas in there. Some fabulous books that deserve to be written. But how do I pick?

That's my question for you, today: Do you ever feel like you have too many ideas? Or maybe it's too many dream vacations, too many things to learn/do/see? How do you pick? How do you prioritize your life?

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