Monday, July 13, 2009

My Favorite Things: Atlantic City Edition

  • Eating dinner at Bobby Flay's Steakhouse, then running into Bobby Flay at the Borgata nightclub later that night. (My partners in crime decided that he, tragically, was not a good dancer, but I didn't find his moves so appallingly bad.) We also saw that Giles guy from Dancing with the Stars. Yes, he is just as pretty in person.
  • Gazing with rapt adoration at the biceps on the hunky Australian drummer in the hunky Australian band, Jet, whilst screaming and jumping and crowding the stage (Down with the Fire Marshall!). I almost want to list this one twice. This was DEFINITELY a favorite thing.
  • The very friendly, very patient, very Jersey-Italian guy who explained craps to us even as we watched his chips trickle away to nothing. Dude, do you know what the odds are like in that game? You gotta be a masochist to play craps.
  • Blackjack tables that are full at five a.m. Full of the inebriated and the dedicated and the desperate. There is nothing like people watching at five a.m. in Atlantic City.
  • Wandering on the boardwalk on a sunny Sunday, nearly being run over by those little push-cart rickshaw thingies and posing in front of the elephant at the Trump Taj Mahal for pics I will probably later come to regret.


Kate Diamond said...

Very fun! I've never been to Atlantic City, but I enjoy it as a romance novel location...

Vivi Andrews said...

I clearly need to check out these books set in AC. :)