Thursday, July 15, 2010

Even JR Ward Wasn't Always JR Ward

I saw this cover today and I have to admit it kinda confused me. I was all, "Why launch a new pen name at all if you are going to put your I'm-a-Rockstar penname in big jigundus letters on the cover and make it so you can barely read the snazzy new pen name? Even Nora/JD Robb & Jayne Ann Krentz/Castle/Quick put the pen name the book is being written under biggest on the (very cluttered with so many names) cover."

I was puzzled.

So I did a little searching and realized that this book is also this book (--> -->) and was originally published six years ago when Dark Lover was just a glimmer in JR's eye.

Just another example of the publishing motto: "Thou shalt reinvent thyself and become a rockstar goddess whose books are cracktastically addictive." (And then you can re-release everything you ever wrote and make mad backlist bank.)

That's about as profound as I'm gonna go with this. Just a "Hey, look at that."
Now I'm off to roadtrip up to the lake for the weekend. Woot!

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Vivant said...

I had the same reaction when I saw this book. Initial reation was "huhn?" and then I realized it was backlist mania. Haven't sampled the book yet, but I suspect I will succomb. Gotta see what was pre-cracktastic!