Thursday, July 29, 2010

Romance Writers Gone Wild!

This week the Swan and Dolphin hotels in Disney World are being overrun by HEA devotees. It's that time, boys and girls, the Romance Writers of America's annual National Conference! Nowhere on earth can you find a larger concentration of romance junkies.

The conference kicks off each year with a signing to raise money for literacy. Rows upon rows of romancey-awesomeness and it's all for a good cause.

Alas, I am not there. I'm home. (I'm also sick. Ugh.) But thanks to SB Sarah and her crew, I get to enjoy a little sampling of the romancey-awesomeness of the literacy signing. Thank you, Smart Bitches!

You can also check out the "Live from Nationals" posts this week at the Ruby blog. Anyone else staying home and feeling pathetic and envious?

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