Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I'm in the process of clearing out my storage locker, which seems to be sucking up a remarkable amount of my creative energy (will to live, etc...). In times like these, a girl really needs her bullet lists of awesome as she is standing over piles of random possessions and moaning, "How did I end up with so much crap?"

You ready? Let's get to it.
  • Transformers 3 is being shot in Chicago right now and I saw Megatron. I know. You're wicked jealous right now. Just try to contain yourself.
  • During a fifteen minute span on the El last week, I heard conversations in Russian, French, Japanese, Spanish and English. How many kinds of cool is that?
  • Amazon announced they are selling like eleventy-bajillion Kindles and ebooks right now. So let me just take this opportunity to say, "Hey there, new Kindle owners! This is an exciting time for you, exploring the brave new world of ebooks. For all you price conscious folks who waited until the price dropped to $189 to buy, be sure you check out the top 100 free list where you can grab some fabulous books on special discount. And speaking of discounts... **commence shameless promo** did you know that certain books like this one and that one are both only $2.50 on Amazon? I know! Less than the price of a latte and fewer calories too. So cool, right?" **shameless promo complete**
  • I've been watching The Bachelorette on Hulu and I want to play poker with that chick. I would make insane amounts of money off her. (Don't mock me for watching The Bachelorette. It's research. Really.) If you are a fan of the show, I love Cape Cod Chris, I think Roberto is going to "win" and Frank was karma biting Ally on the ass. (I'm sorry, wasn't she the one who walked out on the last season amid much drama and tears? Just sayin'.) Even if you don't care for the show, you might appreciate this hilarious blog which recaps each episode with heavy helpings of snark. (I blame my addiction for this awful show on this wonderful blog.)
  • And speaking of blog hilarity... a while back, I tripped across a blog entitled Sleep Talkin' Man, and it is exactly that, which I find random and fascinating. Especially as I know for certain that my sister and niece talk in their sleep and I have, on occassion, been informed of my own midnight ramblings. I'm just not married to anyone with a voice activated tape recorder...
  • The weatherman just used the phrase "organized rain". I'm not sure whether he means the rain is OCD and needs all its little pencils in a neat little row or if he is implying the rain has mafia connections. Either way, I think I prefer my rain disorganized.

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