Saturday, July 9, 2011


Hey, guess what? I have a release in less than a week! I know! I'm surprised too! (Okay, surprised is the wrong word. Unprepared. That's a good word. But surprised sounds better, don't you think?)

Brace yourselves, y'all! The Karmic Consultants return with a little bite sized short story, A Cop & A Feel. And if you aren't familiar with the series, this is the perfect place to start. None of those pesky cross-over characters to confuse things. A quick, fun read to suck you into the Karmic World. We're all about the sucking. (Wait, no, that sounded wrong...)

The Romance Studio even gave this little darling a 5 Heart Review! Calling it a "great novella" that will make folks wish they could see into the future. (Awww, thank you, Romance Studio!!!)

Today (just because I can!) I'm giving away an advanced-reader-copy of A Cop & A Feel! How, you may be asking, can you win this bit of fabulousness? It's so simple! Since this is a fortune telling book, just comment on this post before Monday with a prediction of the future. It can be serious or frivolous. Look into your crystal balls, boys and girls!


Susan said...

I predict great sales for this book! :)

would love to read a copy!

susanmik AT gmail DOT com

Rebecca WS said...

I predict I will laugh like crazy while reading this! (It's a sure thing!)


Vivi Andrews said...

Predictions AND sucking up! I love you guys! :D

Kali said...

I was just going to predict that there'd be an earthquake before I go on vacation. But there's no sucking up involved in that and I want to be loved too! So...I predict that Vivi will continue to get 5 star reviews on the latest Karmic book because this series is just PURE AWESOME.

Rambling Renee said...

I predict there will be a shortage of oreos and PMSing women everywhere will riot in the streets and storm the hershey factory for relief.

And that your sales will rock. Love your Karmic series, and would love to win a copy. Free stuff rocks.

mrs DOT missive AT gmail DOT com

Gwynlyn said...

Okay, lil sis. I don't do sucking up, but I do know a great book when I see one. If it's half as good as the Sexorcist (which I enjoyed more than I probably should have *G*), you have another winner. So that's my prediction: Vivi Andrews has another Karmic Consultant winner!

Vivi Andrews said...

Oh no! Not the Oreo Apocalypse! Lol.

For the record: sucking up not required. Earthquakes and oreo apocalypti encouraged. :)

Carly M. said...

I'm predicting running over my lunch hour and rushing home from work early because it's too good to put down. And then banging my head against the desk for reading too fast. Looking forward to it, Vivi!