Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Prediliction for Psychic-ness

So I wake up this morning and what to my wondering inbox should appear, but a notice of a 4 Star Review from Romantic Times for A Cop & A Feel. Check it out, y'all. They said, and I quote, "...readers will find this story has just the right mix of action and romance to keep them entertained. " Why, thank you, RT!

And in other, Cop & A Feel related news... or perhaps not news but just a random tidbit I feel the need to share...

Last week when I was on the Samhain Cafe site, talking about A Cop & A Feel, the conversation turned to the inspiration behind the story. It was rather fun to think about, and I've decided to reprise it here. So here goes.

This story of a palm-reading psychic and adventure at a carnival had been percolating in my head for a long time before I finally sat down to put it to paper. It all started right after I signed my very first contract (lo, these three years ago) for The Ghost Shrink, the Accidental Gigolo & the Poltergeist Accountant. My aunt & I went to an amusement park to celebrate and we stumbled upon a roving palm-reader (working out of the back of a van inside the amusement park, so... a little sketchy...). Since I was clearly en route to fame and fortune with my shiny new contract, we decided we needed the palm reader to predict my wild success for me... but she never said word one about my future as a rockstar goddess. Instead she took one look at my palm and told me I could predict things would happen before they did. Afterward, as my aunt and I were walking off to our next rollercoaster line, I wondered aloud if she got better tips if she told her clients that they were psychic... because we all want to have a little psychic tendency, don't we?

And that line... a gruff skeptic voice saying "Do you get better tips if you tell people they're psychic?" was the start of a plot bunny that refused to leave my head until it eventually evolved into Ronna and Matt's night of adventure, A Cop & A Feel.

So my question for you... are you a little bit psychic? How would you react if a palm-reader told you that you were?

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